About me








Nice to meet you, I'm Panda. I am passionate about the world of Web3 and actively engaged as a pioneer in the decentralized digital frontier.

I became interested in Web3 around 2020, and though I am still relatively new and learning, writing this blog helps me deepen my knowledge.

I initially explored Dapps in the financial sector like Crypto and DeFi, and later experienced community formation through NFTs. VeryLongAnimals, which is my icon, represents that experience.

Web3 is the next-generation technology that goes beyond the conventional framework of the Internet, building decentralized ecosystems. My mission is to immerse myself in this fascinating domain and explore the possibilities of Web3.

The purpose of my information dissemination is to spread awareness about Web3's concepts and convey its innovative potential. I aim to provide insights into the transparency, reliability, and novel business models that decentralization brings, hoping to grow alongside individuals who wish to participate in the world of Web3.

Through various means like blogging, social media, and community events, I share information. My goal is to deepen my knowledge in the Web3 field and fuse technology with creativity, contributing to the creation of a new future.

As a pioneer in the decentralized digital frontier, I will continue to share information and look forward to exploring the world of Web3 together. Feel free to reach out. Thank you for your support.